On the trail of life, we'll be prepared!

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Where we gonna go?
To the top of the mountain,
or the river down below?
With a pack on our back,
and a paddle in our hand.
We'll leave no trace,
across this land.
Where we gonna go?
To the top of the mountain, 
or the river down below?
With a pack on our back,
in the cold clean air.
On the trail of life,
we'll be prepared.
Where we gonna go?
To the top of the mountain, 
or the river down below?
With a pack on our back,
helping everyone we know.
We're Dan Beard's best,
We're 9-4-0!!!! 

Troop 940 is chartered by St. John Parish of West Chester, and is in the Fort Hamilton District of the Dan Beard Council.  We meet on Thursday nights, 7:00pm to 8:30pm, at the St. John Center.


Scoutmaster Words

Posted on Aug 18 2015 - 9:11pm
Thank you to everyone that could make it to the Court of Honor tonight. I was truly touched by the welcome I received as the troop's new Scoutmaster. I will do my best to make sure I'm worthy of the confidence you've shown in me.

Scoutmaster's final minute

Posted on Aug 11 2015 - 10:15am

Troop 940 Family,

Tonight I will address the troop for the last time as Scoutmaster. This is a
most difficult task for me personally as I cannot put into words what the troop
means to me and my family. I have chosen this method of communication to relate
our departure as it's too difficult to do without many tears. Some have
witnessed this in the past when I have talked about scouting's impact on my

Tamela and I have accepted teaching positions at King Middle School in
Bradenton, Florida. This has all happened so fast; within the past 5 days. We
will be teaching in the same building on Palma Sola Bay, within view of Tampa
Bay. We are very excited, anxious, and overwhelmed. School starts August 18th
for teachers, so we will be leaving within the week.

About a year and a half ago my friend Paul Harper asked me if I would be
interested in taking over the Scoutmaster position. Immediately, I responded,
 "Yes!"  Three days later I was in Mike Dye's driveway
asking him for advice: Now what do I do? So began one on the best years of my

We have been a part of troop 940 for more than five years. In that time, we
have been to the Blue Ridge Scout Reservation five times. We have been to some
of the most remote and beautiful places in the country. High adventure trips to
the Boundary Waters and Isle Royale have been high points in our scouting
experience. While all of these experiences are great, it is the friends of
troop 940 that we will miss most.

My message to all boys is this: be vigilant and aware of the numerous
opportunities that will be coming your way. In your life you will have many
opportunities that will seem to come out of thin air. It has been my experience
that they come when you least expect them. Take advantage of the new beginnings
that come your way!

For new parents to the troop, I will relate this quick story to you. Like most,
our first outing was Via Ferrata. I will never forget the number of adults at
that first outing. On Sunday morning, Tate Cooper, who was scoutmaster at the
time, was checking out the gear of some Subaru owners and explaining why we, as
a troop, needed so much space. Bill Sieber was asked to do vespers, and it was
not lost on one of the newbies, my son Carl. I cannot remember what was said exactly.
Twenty minutes later my son looked over at me, while riding in the Jeep, and
said, "Gee, Dad! I never really thought of it, but boy scouts will help me
grow into a man." He "got it" from the first outing! Also, I
have seen Ethan stand on a gravel road and pray for the meal in front of a camp
of 400 scouts. I share these experiences to emphasize I was so fortunate to be
standing there and see my boys grow if front of me. I got to witness it because
I was there on the outing. It is my wish that you will see these events in your
son's lives too.

I want to thank Sean Sweeney, Mike Maratea, Michelle Horner, and every
Committee member for the support they offered. Special thanks for my
Scoutmaster tutors, Tate Cooper, Bill Sieber and Mike Dye. An additional thank
you to our shooting specialists, Jay Needleman and Ed Biehle.  The troop
would not be nearly as strong without these dedicated men.

In Indian Lore we have heard that " Some must go away so that others might
come." There is a terrific scoutmaster coming to lead the troop. Matt
Maratea will be an outstanding Senior Patrol Leader. We leave our troop in very
good hands.

Forty one years ago today, President Richard Nixon resigned the presidency. He
talked later how incredibly painful this was. Tonight, I feel the same way.
Nixon said, "We don't have a good word for it in English- the best is Au
revoir. (French) We'll see you again." We will see you around Ottari,
Clator Lake, Sea Base, or maybe even parking at St. John's!

Scouting on at 27 degrees north lat, 82 degrees west long,

Don Behm

The Next Couple Weeks

Posted on Aug 11 2015 - 10:09am

Hello All,

Thank you to everyone who has help with the festival parking this weekend!! It has been a wonderful lesson on perseverance!  


Committee Meeting Kick Off

Posted on Aug 6 2015 - 9:54am

Great News we're having a meeting and your invited! On Monday August 17

Join us in kicking off the Scouting year for TROOP 940 2015/2016.

2015 Summer Court of Honor

Posted on Jul 24 2015 - 7:35pm

BSA Troop 940

2015 Summer Court of Honor

Dear Troop 940 Families and Friends

Troop 940 Facebook Group is Now Live!

Posted on Mar 11 2015 - 6:07pm

Attention everyone:

The brand new Troop 940 Facebook group is now open and ready. The group will offer a great place to discuss scouting and share stories, photos, videos and other types of media such as the Facebook page for Scouting Magazine (I find their links to be very informative as well as great ideas to share for Court of Honor and ideas for sewing merit badges). All sorts of things can be shared when using Facebook to connect; this can be a positive experience!

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